Dedications and Acknowledgments

This is a compilation of amusing dedications and acknowledgments.

(I would thank the children, but frankly, they’ve been no help.)

Finally I would like to thank the typist who did such a painstaking job of typing the manuscript, namely myself. In turn I would like to thank Jo-Ann Kane for pretending that having a husband who typed endlessly for an entire academic year was a normal way to live one’s life.

  • Richard Kane, The Homology of Hopf Spaces

To my wife, Laurel Van Leer, whose support is invaluable, and to my children, Chad and Aubrey, without whom this book would have been completed much sooner.

To Marilyn, who made me a shirt

  • Moss Sweedler, Hopf Algebras

I wish to thank Prof. Pavel Etingof and his co-authors for adding technical notes to my historical monograph. While they have made a commendable effort at a concise exposition, their notes, unfortunately, have grown in size and in the end occupied a better part of this volume. I hope the reader will forgive this preponderance of technicalities in what, in essence, is a history book.

Dedicated to the many bright young theoretical physicists that failed to escape the fate of having to work in institutions like banks.