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It’s my collection of SageMath code that can be run directly in your browser.

Read more about the Sage Cell Server, including how to embed executable Sage code into your website. Or fork this repository on Github to get started right away!

To get even more out of SageMath (fancy stuff like privacy settings, collaboration, organizing courses, your own Linux server etc.), sign up for a free SageMath Cloud account! You can also download and run a local copy of SageMath.

Here are more resources for computing with Sage:

  • Sage Workshop: A very nice tutorial to help you get started with SageMath Cloud. Includes videos.
  • Quick reference cards: Reference cards for linear algebra, number theory, graph theory, calculus and abstract algebra. In other languages as well!
  • Documentation: Includes a quick tutorial, as well as a full reference manual.
  • Interactive examples: This page contains lots more examples, from various fields of math and science.
  • Ask Sagemath: Get answers to Sage-related questions here.

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